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6821 Weber Canyon Road Oakley, Utah.
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 The winter gate is OPEN

Important Notices

The Burn Pile Will Close on October 3rd

Please no more additions after this date

Parking of Trailers in the parking lot for winter season begins October 17th

Any Trailers Parked Previous to that date will be moved

It is time to start thinking about winter. There are three trailers that have been left in the winter Parking lot for an extended period of time. This is not a storage area! If one of these are yours please remove it immediately to avoid having them towed.

Aspen Acres & Aspen Mountain HOA Boards


Please be advised and make plans accordingly:


Creek road from Navajo to top of association.

Cherokee from Navajo to Ute drive. 

Thank you for your understanding.

The parking lot burn pile is for trees only! 
Please do not drop your trash or lumber!! 

These are some basic guidelines from Summit County for fire pits

Summit County / Unincorporated Areas of County:

o    No open fires of any type are permitted.

o    Fire pits are “Permitted”, when they are in an approved assembly.

o    Distance of 25-feet between the fire pit and any structure and/or other combustible type materials.

o    Fire pits cannot have a diameter larger than 3-feet.

o    Fire pits cannot exceed 2-feet in height.

o    Each fire pits must have an on-site means to extinguish the fire:

o    5-gallon bucket of water

o    Garden hose connected to a reliable water source, or

o    5A:10B:C Fire Extinguisher

o    Nuisance complaints from neighbors will mandate extinguishment, no exceptions!

o    Fire pit must be constantly attended.

o    Owner/operator of the fire pit is liable and responsible for any fire damage and/or fire suppression cost to surrounding area resulting from the use of the fire pit.




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