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6821 Weber Canyon Road Oakley, Utah.
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 The winter gate is OPEN

Important Notices

The Burn Pile Will Officially Close on October 1st
Please do not add any wood after this date please!


I received this email last night from one of our neighbors:

finally got up to the mountain this weekend.  We took the family and had so much fun...... although, on Saturday night someone stole a half tank of gas from our car and more from our 4 wheeler.  This is disappointing ..... I know you have sent out a message regarding this before..... have you found anyone responsible for this theft?  I have always felt safe in going to the cabin alone....now with someone stealing right under your windows makes me feel a little uneasy.  Has anyone else had this problem this weekend

As you can see we continue to have issues related to gasoline  theft and holidays.  Over the summer we have had reported thefts from cabins on Apache Way, Geronimo trail, Shoshone Road and Canyon Road.  The latest reported theft happened on Shoshone.  If anyone on Shoshone happens to have trail cameras please look and see if you can see anything suspicious on them like people with gas cans.  If you seen, heard or know anything related to these theft could you please let us know.



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